Asset management

 Our involvement

An investment does not stop with the acquisition of an asset.

This step is only the beginning of the active management needed in order to take advantage of the full potential of the asset. The valuation of property portfolios, as well as performance optimization, are both major facets guiding our work. Our expert integration of all real estate businesses, allows a comprehensive global vision for our partners: institutional investors, REITs, Family Office and foreign funds.

Our goals

Our approach to getting results is firmly based on your investment strategy and the asset concerned.
These objectives have led us to outline 3 key strategy areas:

  1. Securing revenue
  2. Valuation / asset positioning according to need and potential for investment (commercial or other)
  3. Arbitration

An all-inclusive package

Since 2008,

our Group has supported its clients with long-term real estate investment operations (5 years minimum). ADEN Invest ensures the creation of a stable and secure cash flow and the valuation of significant assets.

To do this we manage your assets as we would our own, we mobilize experts in the required fields: architecture, building engineering, financing…

Special attention is given to regular and convenient reports in order to ensure the greatest possible transparency.