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“This is also the way in which we will construct our relationship with you”

Whether it be institutional companies coming from a background of Investment in Commercial Property, or private clients in charge of family assets, our customers are primarily investors, with very specific needs: a relationship that will last, as a minimum, throughout the course of their investment, in other words years of personal support coupled with regular, reliable income, punctuated with a significant return on investment.

This is also the way in which we will construct our relationship with you.

The need for such a relationship is even stronger when your investment unfolds abroad.

That is why within our foundation, we wanted to be physically present in our German reference market, with resolutely bi-cultural and bilingual, if not multilingual, teams.

It is with these convictions and in order to meet the expectations of our customers, many of whom have trusted us since 2010, that we have adapted our skills at the ADEN Invest society into a coherent whole.

Who we are

Since 2008, ADEN Invest specializes in real estate asset management and operates in Germany and France on behalf of third parties.
ADEN Invest combines all real estate businesses and services, enabling us to support our customers throughout the entire operation.

As an independent player, we are able to manage our customers’ assets with expertise and a tailor-made method.

Intercultural Competence

A bi-culture open to the German world

We are based in Berlin and Paris and our bi-cultural teams allow us to have a real understanding of both German and French cultures.

Our bi-culturalism is not only sought after by our trusting investment clients, but also by the owners who see us as a well-established standard setting company.

Our knowledge of both sides of the border as well as our understanding of both markets are crucial to the smooth running of our business.

The team

An experienced and complementary Franco-German management team. Our bi-cultural approach allows us to have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of investment issues in the context of cross-border investments.

Arnaud Schott

Arnaud Schott

CEO - Cofounder

David Nguyen

David Nguyen

CEO France - Cofounder

Guy Mattern

Guy Mattern

Investment Manager - Relation Officer with French Investors

Udo Lewin

Udo Lewin

Real Estate Consultant

Lars Drewes

Lars Drewes

German Investment Manager


Brandenburgische Strasse 32, 10707 Berlin


128, Bd de Courcelles – 75 017 PARIS

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